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Arnolds Motorcycles Leicester takes on Suzuki franchise

Suzuki has expanded its presence in the Midlands, with Leicester-based Arnolds Motorcycles taking on the Japanese brand.

Suzuki ranks as best automotive website for usability

Suzuki GB has ranked first in the automotive sector for website usability in a recent study, the brand also finishing second overall in the same study with only Google ranking higher.

Suzuki launches new 2018 clothing and merchandise range

Suzuki has launched its brand new 2018 clothing range, plus a new merchandise range which features everything from backpacks and wallets to toasters, mugs, and smartphone cases.

Suzuki GB offers free GDPR courses for dealerships

With the impending introduction of GDPR, Suzuki has been hosting a series of courses for its dealer network, helping deaperships to ensure they are compliant when the law changes on May 25.

RGV500 restoration voted best manufacturer feature at Motorcycle Live

Suzuki's restoration of Kevin Schwantz's 1989 RGV500 at last year's Motorcycle Live has been votedĀ best manufacturer featureĀ of 2017 show.

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