Andy Torbet chooses Suzuki in latest adventure video

Andy Torbet, frequently seen on the BBC’s One Show undertaking various climbing or diving expeditions, headed to Slovenia for his latest feat, as he looked to climb Triglav’s imposing north face as part of a new video.

Dubbed Go Far, Go High, Go Home, the former soldier-turned-popular adventurer and TV personality headed east with his climbing partner, the duo riding there from the UK on a pair of Suzuki V-Strom 650XTs, taking in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, and Italy, before entering Slovenia.

Triglav is Slovenia’s highest mountain and the highest peak of the Julian Alps. But the ride there was as much of an adventure as the ascent to Triglav’s summit, as they paid a visit to the world-famous Nürburgring and rode through the Dolomite mountains.

Andy Torbet said of the adventure, “I love to get out into the mountains and love the exploratory nature of it and the wild environment that you can find yourself in. I spoke with my climbing partner, Dave, and he said there’s a big wall called Triglav in Slovenia. I suggested we ride there, so we planned our route from Bristol to the coast, then through France, into Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy, and then Slovenia. The bikes were great and brilliantly equipped for the job. They were comfortable which made it easy to do the mileage, and we could fit everything we needed for a climbing expedition in the luggage. We did 14 hours in the saddle one day, without complaint. They performed admirably on and off-road, and even held their own around a race track! Triglav was an absolutely awesome place. Climbing it was so incredibly loose. At any second the ground could just go. But it was just an amazing, unique, lonely but invigorating place to be.”

See the trailer to Go Far, Go High, Go Home here, or watch the full version here.

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