Motocross; more than just a sport

Most Sundays see touchlines up and down the country populated by shouting and cheering football fans, watching the local laundrette-sponsored football team in action. But rumbling away at tracks nationwide is another, increasingly popular amateur sport; motocross.

From kids participating in junior championships to seasoned veterans still plying their trade at club level, motocross brings a host of people together with a shared interest.

Much like the more widely recognised weekend image of dads taking their kids to Sunday league football, harbouring hopes of seeing them at the top one day, motocross is no different. Star motocrossers the world over were once budding talents taken to weekend race meetings by their families, while even a lot of star road racers started out in the dirt of their local motocross track. Many, including Tyco Suzuki’s British Superbike star, PJ Jacobsen still use motocross to train in the off-season.

When discussing the popularity of motocross at youth and amateur level, Neil Prince, a former British 125 champion and who is appointed manager of Team GB in the prestigious Motocross of Nations event, commented, "Motocross is definitely a growing sport at both youth and amateur level, and that’s great for the sport and individuals involved. But what’s more important is the focus it gives young people in their lives, not to mention the skills learned too.


"As many communities right across the UK will testify, when young people are engaged and interested in a subject, the whole community benefits, helping to keep young people off the streets.I took part in local motocross before I moved to the British Championship and there was nothing like it; the paddock atmosphere and the friends you made, plus learning about the mechanics of the bike and the sport, made it an invaluable experience that taught me many life lessons early on."

For riders interested in trying the sport, Suzuki actively promotes the Motocross Challenge Project – a charity-based initiative that not only provides taster courses for riders of all ages, but also works with schools and local authorities, opening up the world of motocross and engineering to students.

For more information on the MXCP visit, or contact the team on 01304 202244

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