Suzuki’s RM250 motocrosser has emerged as the top two-stroke machine according to the latest issue of MotoX magazine, one of the UK’s leading motocross publications. And, as an added bonus for its customers, Suzuki GB has announced a price reduction for the model and its smaller sibling, the RM125.

MotoX magazine tested 250cc two-stroke machines from the five leading manufacturers for its June 2006 issue, with former GP rider, Paul Malin evaluating the bikes.

"The Suzuki felt really great: it turns and handles impeccably well and the brakes are good," said Malin in the test. "It is an awesome, awesome machine and everything about it makes it a great bike."

Malin concluded his evaluation saying: "…on the track, the Suzuki behaves so much better and just feels like a dream to ride… my own personal choice for best 250cc two-smoke has to be the Suzuki RM250, which I felt was the best 250 Suzuki I have ever ridden."

Suzuki GB’s off-road product co-ordinator, Rob Stout, commented: "It’s a great review of a great bike, but customers can now get the additional benefit of a price re-alignment on both the RM250 and RM125, which was announced today."

From Monday 15th May, the recommended retail price for Suzuki’s RM250 is £3600, with the RM125 at £3400.

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