Suzuki announce 2014 Race Parts Programme

Suzuki has announced details of its 2014 Race Parts Programme, which sees the cost of genuine parts slashed by over 50% for ACU licence holders campaigning Suzuki machinery.

Traditionally supporting racers using all classes of the latest GSX-R machinery, the programme is boosted this year with the introduction of classic GSX-R models, following the inclusion last year of SV650 and SFV650 models.

Applicable to newcomers and privateers, small and large teams, the Race Parts Programme offers benefits to every Suzuki racer, as Team Traction Control’s Keith Flint, explained,"The Suzuki Race Parts Programme makesa lotof sense, whetheryou’rea novice racer or a team manager. In fact, I’ve followed the programme down that path, makingthe most of the reductions when I was racing myself in British Endurance and now as a team manager running Steve Mercer and James Rispoli in the British Supersport 600 Championship. No matter who you are, saving some budget makes adifference."

Suzuki GB Aftersales Coordinator, Tim Davies, added,"Everyone at Suzuki shares a passion for racing, so it’s great to be able to repay those that commit to us on track every weekend. While we’ve traditionally supported the customers of the latest GSX-R models, we know there is growing demand for those campaigning the older models in the various classic championships now emerging. We understand racing isn’t cheap, but hope to make it that little bit more affordable."

Suzuki’s Race Parts Programme sees the cost of parts cut by up to 58%, from engine components such as gaskets and pistons, to chassis elements including bearings and brake components. New frames are also available as part of the programme, if you’re very unlucky.

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