Suzuki encourages staff to get on two-wheels for Ride to Work Week

Suzuki is using this year’s Ride to Work Week to further encourage its staff to get on two-wheels for the daily commute, offering free CBTs and test rides as well as providing a biker’s breakfast for those who rode to work today, Monday 19 June.

While many staff in the motorcycle department already ride to work regularly, Suzuki’s two-wheel team is using the week to extol the virtues of commuting by motorcycle to its colleagues in the car, marine, and ATV divisions of the business.

Free CBTs are being offered to all members of staff, so they can take their first steps into becoming full motorcycle licence holders, while those who already hold a full licence are being given the chance to ride a number of bikes from the Suzuki to beat the traffic this week.

Riding to work boasts a number of benefits, including reduced journey times and easier, and often free, town centre parking. A survey by the Office for National Statistics also showed that motorcyclists are happier commuters than those in cars and on public transport, while bikes also reduce overall congestion.

Suzuki GB general manager, Paul de Lusignan, said, “Ride to Work Week is always a good opportunity for the industry to come together and really promote the benefits of motorcycling. As a motorcycle business we already understand those benefits, but it’s great to be able to showcase those to our colleagues and the wider general public, and hopefully convince more and more people to take up motorcycling and enjoy everything that comes with it.”

Stephanie Aston, who works in Suzuki’s dealer services division and took her CBT for the first time, said, “It’s only after you ride a bike for the first time you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. I rode a VanVan 125 and really enjoyed the experience. It was great fun, and also out on the roads around Milton Keynes, where Suzuki GB is based, you can see how you’d save time on the daily commute as well. I’m definitely going to now look at the next stage of my licence.

Michelle Goldsworthy works in Suzuki’s aftersales department, and took her CBT during Ride to Work Week in 2016. After securing her certificate last year, she now commutes to work on her own Address 110.

Michelle added, “I’ve encouraged as many colleagues as possible to get out there this week and give it a go. I’m proof that getting out of the car and riding to work is one of the best things you can do. It saves me time every morning on the way in and I’m home earlier in the evenings, by being able to filter past queues of traffic. Add to that the efficiency of riding versus going in the car and I really can’t understand why more people don’t do it.”

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