Suzuki GB announce parts pricing realignment

Suzuki GB PLC has today announced a pricing realignment on genuine parts prices that sees significant reductions on many consumable parts and serviceable items, via the authorised dealer network.

With retail prices reduced by as much as 43% on some items, Suzuki customers can benefit from a range of reductions on items that include brake pads, discs, clutch, brake and gear levers and chains and sprockets kits too.

Suzuki GB’s Michael Le-Flay, announced the news, commenting, "This realignment of pricing on genuine consumable parts can only be good news for our customers. With over 450 individual part lines included in the initiative, owners of models ranging from 1995 – 2011 can now take advantage of these new competitive prices, using components designed specifically for their bike, rather than aftermarket options. For example, a set of front brake pads for a Bandit 650 have reduced from £49.93 to just £33.54, making genuine parts a real option for many customers."

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