Suzuki introduce motorcycle total loss avoidance process

With motorcycle insurance claims an increasing impact not only on rider premiums but on the number of active motorcyclists on UK roads, Suzuki GB PLC is pleased to announce the introduction of a new initiative aimed at reducing the number of machines deemed to be a total loss by insurers.

Available to all authorised Suzuki dealers, the process allows for a damaged machine that has been deemed beyond economical repair by an insurer, to be assessed for a preferential parts rate, usually dropping its repair costs below the insurers threshold and therefore making a repair viable.

Suzuki GB’s James Richardson explained,"The impact that a total loss has on the industry cannot be underestimated. While it may seem just an inconvenience for an owner, it actually impacts on the industry in a much greater way, with customers often choosing to use the payout elsewhere and therefore walking away from motorcyclingaltogether.

"With this process available to our dealers now, not only are we able to keep more unfortunate riders on the road, but in the long run impact positively on insurance premiums too."

The Motorcycle Total Loss Avoidance Process is available with immediate effect through all authorised Suzuki dealers and also available to independent repairers who source parts through authorised dealers.

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