Suzuki Releases Andy Torbet’s ‘In Search of Adventure’ – Episode One

Suzuki has released the first episode of a new three-part series, which sees former military man-turned-famed adventurer and explorer, Andy Torbet, prove that you don’t need to head too far from home to have your own adventure.

Watch the first episode here.

Keen to extol the virtues of our own British Isles, Torbet heads to Glencoe in this first short film, getting off the beaten track on his V-Strom 1000 to highlight how doing so can lead to some of the nation’s most incredible and unspoilt locations.

About Andy Torbet

Andy Torbet spent 10 years in the British Army, and is now famous as an underwater explorer and diver, climber, and adventurer. He’s also often seen on the BBC’s One Show, and released his first book, Extreme Adventures, in 2015.

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