Suzuki reveals new GSX-S1000GT

Suzuki has revealed its new GSX-S1000GT, a new sports-tourer designed to take riders further, faster, without sacrificing comfort and practicality; it’s ready to power your journey in style. Following a mantra of performance, distance, connection, the new GT provides all-day riding ability in a package designed to cover distances effortlessly, thanks to its characterful-yet-smooth 152PS engine, agile chassis and wind-cheating bodywork, and comprehensive suite of electronic rider aids and smartphone connectivity.

  • A comfortable, upright riding position means the GSX-S1000GT can cover long distances with ease, while a plush pillion seat and optional hard luggage makes two-up touring a breeze. A tall screen and wind-cheating bodywork reduce rider fatigue.
  • A comprehensive electronics suite comprises a plethora of rider aids, performance enhancing systems, and creature comforts to boost the GT’s touring ability, including a TFT dash with smartphone connectivity, cruise control, a bi-directional quickshifter, traction control, and selectable power modes.
  • A striking new face with horizontal LED headlights and position lights creates a radical new look for the GT, along with LED rear combination lights and indicators. The new style is complemented by a new seat design, slim tail section and short, compact muffler, embodying a sport touring machine built for both speed and comfort.
  • The whole package is powered by the inline-four cylinder engine found in the new GSX-S1000, which produces 152PS and 106Nm of torque, spread evenly across the rev range resulting in a smooth power delivery that builds into a strong top-end rush.

A true sports tourer

The GSX-S1000GT fits into Suzuki’s lineup as a true sports tourer, combining the perfect blend of performance, agility, stability, control, comfort, connectivity, and style to deliver a premium experience befitting the GT monika. The GT is equally at home crossing countries at speed on motorways and fast A-roads or carving through twisty mountain passes and winding B-roads.

Designed to be able to cover distances quickly and comfortably, the GT’s upright riding position is cocooned by wind-deflecting bodywork and a screen capable of diverting the air flow without hampering vision when being ridden sportily. A plush rider’s seat is complemented by a comfortable pillion pad with easily-reached grab rails and ample legroom, while optional hard luggage can accommodate full face helmets, ensuring the GT makes light work of two-up touring.

A performance-orientated chassis, engineered to be lightweight and agile, is also designed to offer a comfortable ride and soak up road imperfections, reducing rider fatigue on longer journeys. A comprehensive electronics package let’s the rider exploit the superbike-derived engine’s performance, aids rider comfort and enhances the GT’s ability to cover distances effectively and efficiently.


Electronics package

The Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS) found on the new GSX-S1000GT helps it fill its role as a versatile sports tourer.

A ride-by-wire throttle not only delivers smooth, linear engine response that mirrors twist grip input, it also allows the rider to choose from one of three selectable engine maps, based on the road conditions or riding styles. Mode A provides the most direct throttle response and reaches the top of its power curve at a lower rpm. Torque delivery provides exciting acceleration and, true to its superbike heritage, fully leverages the power of its 999cc engine.

Mode B reaches the same level of maximum output, but features a more linear curve with softer initial throttle response, with C providing the softest throttle response and more gentler torque characteristics, ideal in wet or trickier riding conditions.

A five-mode traction control system further supports the rider in a variety of riding conditions, from touring in adverse weather or enjoying a sporty ride, or whether riding alone or with a pillion or carrying luggage.

The higher the mode, the faster the control takes effect and the more proactive the system is in limiting wheel spin. The system is programmed to continuously monitor front and rear wheel speed, engine RPM, throttle position, and gear position. It is designed to immediately limit power and help prevent slipping when an imminent loss of traction is detected by controlling the throttle opening, ignition timing, and fuel injection rate.

Performance gains as well as reduced rider fatigue come from a bi-directional quickshifter, which enables the rider to shift up or down without operating the clutch lever, ensuring smoother, almost uninterrupted acceleration and slicker downshifts, working in conjunction with the Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS).

Long motorway stints are made all the less arduous thanks to the GT’s cruise control system, which allows riders to set their speed and close the throttle. Suzuki Low RPM Assist and Easy Start System make starting and pulling away or riding in slow-moving traffic easy, with just one push of the starter button enough to fire the engine, and an automatic raising of the rpm at low engine speeds helps avoid stalling.

All information from the electronic systems are displayed via a 6.5” colour TFT dash, meaning riders can constantly monitor their chosen settings, and adjust on the move. As well as showing other readouts – such as speed, rpm, trip, range, gear indicator, and fuel level – the 6.5-inch TFT display is designed to support the smartphone connectivity features of the new Suzuki mySPIN app.

In contrast to similar products that employ systems developed for use in cars, the GT adopts hardware and software designed specifically for motorcycle use. As such, Suzuki mySPIN works seamlessly on the TFT screen to enrich the functionality of smartphone connectivity. The result is a smart cockpit environment that blends riding and vehicle status updates, such as the speedometer and tachometer readouts, with pertinent information, communication and entertainment from the rider’s smartphone.

By installing the free mySPIN app on their phone, the rider can access an array of useful functions, including maps for navigation, imported contact lists and hands-free communication, music connectivity, and calendar updates.

This functionality helps the GSX-S1000GT achieve its design goal of a true sports tourer, further enhancing the riding experience.


GT styling

A true sports tourer not only combines performance, comfort, and practicality, but it does so in style, and the same is true of the new GSX-S1000GT. 

The striking face combines the pair of horizontally arranged LED headlights, new mirror design, and side mounted turn signals to create a look of advanced GT styling that proposes a new face for future Suzuki motorcycles. These elements combine with the new seat design, slim tail section and short, compact muffler design to create a sleek and luxurious image that emphasises the new GT’s prowess as a sports touring machine built for comfort and speed.

It is designed to be aerodynamically efficient, and to be easier to control and more comfortable, whether touring for long distances with a full load and a pillion or heading out for a sporty solo ride.

Luxury extends to the three available colour options: Metallic Triton Blue, representing Suzuki’s brand identity, as used on Suzuki’s MotoGP machines, Metallic Reflective Blue, a dark blue with a luxurious gloss finish, and Glass Sparkle Black, a combination of glossy and flat black.



Based on the new GSX-S1000 platform, the GT uses the same exciting 152PS inline-four cylinder engine that delivers smooth, consistent power throughout the rev range. It features a broad, smooth torque curve and a power delivery that reduces fatigue when touring at motorway speeds, but one that also shows its superbike roots when ridden enthusiastically, where the strong midrange thrust builds into an exciting top-end rush.

A compact 4-2-1 exhaust system positions the Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) system behind the collector, along with catalytic converters and stylish exhaust that not only meets Euro 5 emissions standards, but also delivers an exciting exhaust note. Aural pleasure also comes from the airbox, which is designed to reduce intake resistance while delivering an impressive resonance.

Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) gives a light clutch lever operation, reducing rider fatigue especially when negotiating busy traffic. It also mitigates aggressive downshifts from sportier riding styles, too.

All this comes wrapped in the GSX-S1000’s sporty, lightweight frame with the same superbike-derived swingarm, ensuring high levels of performance in a variety of riding and usage conditions.

Fully adjustable 43mm KYB inverted front forks deliver a smooth ride, whether touring with a passenger or out enjoying a sporty ride. Rebound damping and spring preload adjustable link-type rear suspension contributes to agility and stability.

Attractive six-spoke cast aluminium wheels contribute to nimble handling and stability, shod with Dunlop SPORTMAX Roadsport2 tyres that are custom engineered. Two four-piston Brembo monobloc front brake calipers bite 310mm floating discs to deliver strong, reliable braking performance and plenty of feel. Wide-set, rubber-mounted floating handlebars make for a comfortable riding position but with high levels of control and feel for sportier riding.


Pricing and availability

The new GSX-S1000GT will be available in Suzuki dealerships in November 2021, with an RRP of £11,599.

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