Taylor Mackenzie tests all-new GSX-R1000

Reigning Superstock 1000 champion Taylor Mackenzie recently got his first taste of the all-new GSX-R1000 he will race in 2017, at a shakedown test at Mallory Park.

Watch the video, here.

Mackenzie, who re-signed with Hawk Racing for the forthcoming season, spent the day lapping a drying Mallory Park circuit to get his first impressions of the new machine that boasts unprecedented levels of MotoGP technology, including a new variable valve timing system that allows the new GSX-R to produce both high levels of peak power and torque.

Mackenzie said after his first outing, “The first thing I noticed about the 2017 bike was how much smaller it does feel. It makes it a lot easier to ride, and things like just getting tucked in on the straight a lot nicer. It’s very nimble. And it was really fast as well. The second I got on it you could definitely feel the new engine and the power that it’s got, so I’m looking forward to getting on my race bike and seeing how it goes.”

For more information on the new GSX-R1000 click here.

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