Test rider talks V-Strom 1000 engine development

The latest video interview has been uploaded to the dedicated website for Suzuki’s forthcoming V-Strom 1000, with engine designerEiji Sasaki talking about the motor’s development.

Sasaki-san joined Suzuki back in 1987 and has worked in the Motorcycle Engine Design department on big capacity machines since 2002. He’s also raced RGV250s and GSX-R750s, and competed at the Suzuka 8-Hour endurance race.

For the new V-Strom, Sasaki-san’s job was to design the power and torque curves based on the proposed target performance, and then determine the design specifications to achieve this.

In the interview, he discusses the challenges he faced, the key points considered, and how the new V-Strom’s engine was developed.

To see the interview, head to www.suzuki-vstrom.com.

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